zondag 21 augustus 2016

Dimensions Marathon part 2

Well, as planned I`m going to hunt for more gold bricks with Lego Dimensions this week, the goal of getting all of them before I buy Year 2 still open.

Though as the London Bus will be the promotional overhere come October, I`ll be holding back on buying anything from the second range before then... 

At orders of 55+ to qualify, the Story pack should yield me a bus, and a couple of seperate packs another.

Now, with the GF stuck at home with her sprained ankle, that also means I`m on nurse duty, so I can just sit and relax while trying to get as many as possible.  Currently being at 310 / 480, I aim to get to 375 at least this week, preferably even breaking the 400 "barrier".

Which might take a while if many a racing brick still needs to be obtained, and I`m terrible at those things...

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