zondag 14 augustus 2016

Ninjago Character Encyclopedia - Updated and Expanded

The latest edition of the Ninjago Character Encyclopedia, published as usual by DK Publishing.

Like with all the Character books, these detail all the personae`s that appeared in this case in the Ninjago range, by the way of how they appeared in the cartoon series.

The book follows the usual pattern and lay-out, containing a large picture of the character in question, a listing of which sets he appears in in that minifigure form and the occassional trivia.  These are either "in character' with who their friends and foes are for example, or unique pieces that are used in the models.

It also features the latest ranges, which is obviously the Morro ghost range of last year, but also the Sky Pirate theme from the first half of this year (the new july releases are obviously not included), all the way up to the awesome Temple of Airjitzu.

The unique minifigure with the book this time is Jay in his Stone armour, and he comes with a lovely printed tile of his favorite comic, Starfarer.

Another pretty book for my Legobrary, and a cool figure to boot that fills a hole from an older range, as jay never was released in this costume before, contrary to some other of the Ninja.

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