zaterdag 6 augustus 2016

The Haul Report # 41

Since I`ll be offline until tuesday starting tomorrow morning, I figured to already do this on saturday evening.

And this week, there might not be a lot of spectacular things, but a heap of good finds though.

It all started with my Padawan again, as she found some stands and ezels for a few euro at a flea market.  While technically not Lego, I`m needing heaps of these to get all the mosaics I`m planning on displayed over time.

I also received two LOZ Diamond Brick pokemon sets this week, Squirtle (which I already featured earlier this week) and Pikachu, who I`ll be doing a build report on soonish.

A small BrickLink order fell in the mailbox on tuesday.

Wednesday I went to the local Lego store to see if they had 1x1 tiles in the PAB.  Unfortunatly they didn`t, but I did return with a Slimer for Dimensiosn, about the last Year 1 figure I wanted for the collection, so i spend one of the gift vouchers I received for my birthday last month.

I also had a rendez-vous there for an exchange, and I got myself a LOT of Tan, and a good amount of grey, 2x2 tiles.  The Emerald Express was a carry over from a previous trade as well.

And then the tours of the second hand shops began on thursday.  The first visit was to Kilomeet.  here you can buy toys for a rate of 0.50 euro per kilo.  Now, this is usually the left over junk from their "regular" second hand stores, but often some loose bricks or so are in the boxes.  I dug up a Bumba clown for my 1 year old cousin who is totally crazy about it, a new with label (and now on my keys) Pikachu keychain, and some little Kabouter Plop figures... as well as two Bionicle pieces.

Jumping inside the Kringloop store next door, I grabbed a 1.50 euro bag of what looks like junk... but is it?

Well, yes, as this was in it... perhaps the two little Petshop dogs have some trade ability, but mostly nothing except...

I had seen there where a LOT of pieces in it for a Masters of the Universe Modulok, and after putting him together he is about 75% complete and in good condition.  I`m scrounging together the parts I miss at the moment, so soon I`ll have a complete figure for exchanging.

Friday I fled from reconversion works above, and visited another second hand shop, Opnieuw & Co.  Here I found a piece of a Lego Ben10 figure, two novels for 70 cents each, and a bag of 3 euro containing two excellent condition GI Joe figures, Destro and Trasher (who even had his weapon).

The final stop was another Kilomeet shop, where for my half euro I picked up a soccer boardgame for the kid, and a small chinese knock-off lego set, well, just because I want to do a build report on one of those things for once.  Looked fun to do, and you`ll see why I already had some great laughs about it in the future.

There was one last item added to my lootpile this week, and that`s the Elves "Doe Boek", which featured a nice little build with an owl.  I tend to pick these things up frequently, and now it was the GF that brought this one along from the supermarket.

Well, that`s it for this week, see you all again next sunday!

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