maandag 1 augustus 2016

Pokemon oddities: A.I. Warrior Porygon

This is it, the big one.  The infamous cartoon episode that got worldfame as hundreds of children got epyleptic seizures in Japan by watching it.

So no wonder it was never aired outside of Japan, and it almost had the show cancelled, putting it on break for 4 months...

Episode 38: AI Warrior Polygon, only 3 episodes after that other banned episode from the first season, so needless to say the break was used to "soften up" some episodes in all probability for the young target audience.

Ash and his companions are against their will inserted into the virtual reality world.  Apparently, team Rocket had found a way into this realm, and tampered with the Pokemon Transfer System in the Pokecenters.

But then, as our friends with the help of the digital Pokemon Polygon go after them, the big thing happened.  As Team Rocket is firing missiles at them, Pikachu blasts them apart.  This causes a miasma of red and blue flashes on the screen, which might cause the seizures in young children, and headaches and nausea in adults.

I must say, I survived it, but for those who want to know what it`s about, watch at your own peril!

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