donderdag 4 augustus 2016

Harry Potter versus Lord Voldemort

Mosaics... pixels... I just love the combination to build those things.

And what better sources are there for inspiration then crochet patterns or beads art?

So when I came along this one, the kid wanted to build the Lord Voldemort together with my help.  I said okay, and I`ll provide the baseplate and bricks, while I would build the Harry part of the duo.

I started by drawing out the patterns on regular squares paper, so he could "count" the elements needed, then we proceeded building the mosaic with bricks for the build itself, and tiles for filling the background up.

Work in progress on the Voldemort

Harry was made the same way by myself.

The spell effects had to be cut a bit short as the plate was only 32 instead of 35 wide, but they do still line up nicely with each other and are now ready to take to conventions.

And my co-creator proudly posing with the finished result...

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