zaterdag 27 augustus 2016

Dimensions Marathon 2 result

So I planned a second marathon to get those 480 bricks out of the way at last the past week, since I would be taking care of the GF with her sprained ankle anyways.

But due to circumstances, it was a failure in the end... 

I had aimed to get at least 375 bricks, and had an excellent start to this goal.  The first session made me complete every minikit collecting of the "base" game, completed both the DC and the Lego Movie worlds to their 100% and granted me 41 gold bricks overall.

The day after, I managed to smack another 20 bricks to the tally, bringing me to 371 total then.  This would definitly be going the good way... and then the weather kicked in.

Including temperatures over 40 degrees (this pic was taken thursday at 19.30, you can imagine the heat during the daytime), I preferred to move away from the room near that window (where the tele and ps3 are located) and go sit in a slightly colder area and build that Battlestar I featured yesterday.

Oh well, I`ll smack some more bricks on a later date then, I still have a month before the awesome looking year 2 comes out...

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