zondag 28 augustus 2016

The Haul Report # 44

It`s sunday again, so time to make the compilation of the stuffsies I got for my collection.

Nothing really big or spectacular this time, though there are some very nice buys and trades around.

The focus this week (well, because they all arrived this week lol) is the hunting for signatures on the coming conventions.  Gerald Home is coming to Hascon in two weeks, and he portrayed Captain verrack in Return of the Jedi.  Who is basically the Mon Calamari officer NEXT to Akbar on the screen.

I also got myself another Hagrid, because everytime I see resident BeLUG member Dirk Denoyelle, I remember I still have to ask him to sign the model.  He voiced the gentle half-giant in the flemish edition of the movies you see.

The third one is an 8th Doctor.  Paul McGrath has been announced for FACTS this fall, and of course that is one signature I really want.  I found this lovely custom figure in Canada, so that is the one that will be going along.

My BrickLink orders with the final pieces for the Battlestar also arrived in the first half of the week...

... as did a small order for another small project I`m doing, and which MUST be ready for Hascon in two weeks.

I also did a nice little trade with someone of my friends groep.  In exchange for the card poster that came this year with the limited edition "May the Fourth" event and two rank and file Star Wars figures (a pilot and a snowtrooper) I obtained 6 Union troops from the Lone Ranger range for my Fredericksburg idea to build.

The final buy has been the Middle-Earth minifigure collector`s guide.  Now, since I have the whole range, and now them by hard, this wasn`t really a must have for me.  But it`s a nice thingie to have in the Legobrary just for completeness sake.

That`s it for the week, see you all again next time for some little odds and ends :-)

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