zaterdag 20 augustus 2016

Store Spotlight: Kralengat

A bit of an accidental discovery last month, Kralengat is a small Lego store located in Bergen op Zoom in The Netherlands.

The store is a hobbyshop with on the one hand a beads and the likes section from the missus, and on the other hand a nice selection of mainly Star Wars sets.

They carry a whole rack of single, loose minifigures from Star Wars, including a chrome Stormtrooper I saw there.  We personally bought the older Ewok Attack set for the kid when we where there, as well as one of the "planet sets", the one with Sebulba.

I personally still curse myself not bringing along the Prince of Persia set though, might be time to go back there one of these weeks.

Prices are okay on the sets and figures, as the owner is a LEGO fan as well, as can be seen by his awesome MOC in the store window.

So if you`re intrested in going there, here is the full adress:

Korte bosstraat 6
4611 MA Bergen op Zoom
The Netherlands

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