zondag 14 augustus 2016

Build Report: Realise Street Master 238-1

Often, we hear the horror stories of chinese knock off brands of our beloved bricks, you know, the cheap so-called "junk" you find on fairground attractions as prizes and such.

So when a trip to the Kilomeet two weeks ago allowed me to get a very small, sealed set in my half euro weight class, I couldn`t resist.  It was basically free with a boardgame for the kid...

I just had to get this, build it and see if all those horror stories are true firsthand.

At least I did get a great laugh out of the safety warrants on the box... seems Google Translate did another epic job.

Opening the box of the little car, apparently coming out of their "Racing" theme, I got a bag of elements, including a sticker sheet and an instruction leaflet.

I must say, personally I find nothing wrong with those instructions.

The minifigure, that had to be assembled completely.  Stuff of nightmares, and no way the cap stays on the head / cone.

The base of the car, a red plate of 2x8 in very flimsy plastic compared to Lego or other brands.

Flashy green wheel axels and dark blue bodywork is added.  Notice the large moldline on the steering wheel.

Adding wheels and then some decals (I didn`t bother putting them painstackingly correct mind you, love the shirt decal though) the car is ready.

In TOTALLY different colours from those pictures on the box!

Well, yes, the horror stories ARE indeed true with this set.  The plastic is flimsy, the cap and the minifig legs barely stay on, it`s indeed "junk".

But none the less, I can imagine children having fun with this, like in the rural backlands of China or so, but for us AFOL`s, I wouldn`t go there to be honest... but it was fun for once to build and report on something like this ;-)

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