maandag 22 augustus 2016

Quinnsville phase 2 update 22 / 08

Today I had a solid day of building, and work progressed greatly on the second phase of Quinnsville, my modular Pirates town for Brethren of the Brick Seas on Eurobricks.

Phase Two was the nickname for the second 48x48 plate which would include all the smaller mocs (usually 16x16 plated ones) into one big section, that could go inbetween the earlier Town plates to expand it.

Included this time would be the Brickagram gaming hole, the Frisky Business ship that would get it`s own dock, the Coffee and Clam coffeeshop and Lapzwanzer`s Chocolate Store.  A final slot will be filled by something I`ll be calling "The Apple Thief", but that particular moc is still being build, and hopefully finished (and as such, the whole plate) by end of september.

Picking up where I left last time, the base plate was further filled with the necessary technic beams to support the street level.

The finished buildings where then placed on top of this, and a placeholder 16x16 for where the final piece must go.  I then put the ship in the dock to get an idea where to water studs must come as the whole section was plated up.

The outline of the ship is then put down in trans-clear studs, to show the water gently hitting the sides of the boat.

Next, the arduous job of studding both water and streets was undertaken.  It`s also time to re-order a 1000 of each as my supply is now starting to run (very) low on them.

With the section then completed, it was time to bring some life to the plate.  Sailors are helping with the mooring of the Frisky Business and carry the walking plank to the ship, while some old street artist is trying to impress one of the ladies of ill repute.

I lined up the whole town to get an idea if the water and the roads where well counted and line up nicely, which they do.  The Plantation build is added to the backside, which will become the first of the Hinterland builds.

So What`s Next?

Of course, there is first the completion of this "Phase 2", with the last MOC having to go on the new section.

After that, I`ll be moving to "Phase 3".  This will incorporate more small scale builds (like a small school etc) for the Main Street, as well as some smaller Residences.

After that, the Hinterland will become "Phase 4", but this is future music.  The plan there is to fill up the backside with 32x32 and 16x32 builds, like a mine, a second fort, a large residence for the major, a church... ideas enough in my brain still.

But now, time to work some more on that apple thieving case...

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