zaterdag 20 augustus 2016

Build Report: 40086 Lego Easter

Only two years and and a handfull of months after purchasing and building this easter bunny I get to post it`s build report... yeah, that backlog of sets is getting pretty epical proportions.

Okay, so I tend to slip in other sets and not go chronological on them as I build them, but never the less it seems I really will have to up the ante a bit.

But now here we are, the 106 seasonal set from 2014 that will get us a nice and cute Easter bunny when finished :-)

Opening the box we get two bags of elements and the instruction booklet.

The build starts with a 2x6 tan plate, to which 1x2 bricks and a brick with two knobs is added on.

Turning it around, it is the basis on which the feet are constructed.

The underbelly of the bunny is then build up using slopes and more connectors for later use.

Next, the upperbody of the little rabbit is put together.  Hinge pieces serve to make the arms a bit moveable.

Once that section is completed, it`s put on the underside of the body.

The bunny`s bellyfur is then assembled and added to the front of the body.

We now move onwards to the head of the little guy, which starts of from two inverted 2x3 slopes.

Again, connectors face backwards for later.

The nose and teeth are then assembled and put at the front of the head.

The main head section incorporates the two large eyes, printed elements common in the Mixels range, giving it it`s cute look when finished.

This is then placed upon the body.

Of course, no bunny is complete with a couple of floppy ears.

We are now going to do the backside of the little bunny.  The connectors we placed backwards serve to hold the backside of the beast together with it`s little white fluffy tail.

The final part of the build is the carrot the beast holds.  Using a Technic bar at the centre, this is a collection of orange round bricks and cones our eatser bunny can hold.

The full set completed:

And as usual, we have a few additional parts as well:

Well, better late then never, and hopefully, eventually, I will catch up more or less with the sets I`m building vs the ones I`m uploading hehehe ;-)

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