maandag 29 augustus 2016

Inspirational Lego # 85

Another monday, so here we go with a fresh amount of awesome builds found on the internet, in the hopes that you get inspired as well and moc the living daylights out of your collection ;-)

Or just want to see some nice things before a fresh working week :-D

We start the week with an awesome rendition of Puerto Polo, from the excellent Monkey Island games.  Who said the Pirate life wasn`t something hilarious and chaotic, especcially if your name is Guy.

This abandoned base makes fantastic use of discoloured white elements...

An excellent rendition of the Ant-Man movie poster.

A microscale encounter between the Enterprise and a Klingon Bird of Prey.

This build makes it all look a bit more feisty and spices things up a little on monday morning

The egyptian gods also make their presence felt with this great use of the Mixels joints and all.

Dumbledore's Statue, a vignette from Harry Potter

The very first US submarine, developped by the Confederates to try and break the Union blockage, is a gorgeous piece of historical building.

If like me you're a kid of the 80s and "saturday morning" cartoons, you will definitly remember Jace and the Wheeled Warriors.

A great microscale build of Ghostbusters, I love the details like the tiny ECTO-1 and all.

And so we have it again, a selection of 10 cool moc's out there, and I hope you love 'em!

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