vrijdag 5 augustus 2016

Build Report: 30293 Kai's Drifter

Today`s build report takes us to Ninjago, with a promotional polybag that came with orders at S@H somewhere at the beginning of the year.

The set is basically a mini jetski for fire element ninja Kai, and ties in with the current theme in that he can jetski to the pirate themed island that came out this year.

Opening the bag, we get the small pile of elements and the instruction leaflet.

Kai is the included minifigure of course, and he comes with a pretty printed torso.  I also love his hairpiece everytime, great for use outside the theme.

The drifter itself is based around a plate onto which handy 1x4s with 4 studs on the side are placed.

Side panes, which hold the engine grills, are placed on these.

The little set has a nice amount of the new style, golden clip holders.

On the bottom, trans orange horseshoes are placed.

Studshooters and sai`s form the armament of the little vessel.

And the full set completed:

As usual, some additional parts get included as well, but I forgot to picture them.  It was basically a few additional ammo pieces, nothing to fancy tbh.

I remain a fan of the Ninjago, and now discontinued Chima, sets.  Not because of the theme itself, as they are aimed at a far younger audience, but as they are "non license" themes, they come with great parts at a better price per part ratio then other ranges out there, AND often find their way easily into clearance bins.

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