donderdag 4 augustus 2016

Build Report: 41071 Aira's Creative Workshop

Everyone knows I like the Elves range, not only because I believe them drop dead gorgeous, but also for the excellent parts and colours in them.

And today I'm reporting on the build of the smallest set of the initial wave (not counting polybags), Aira's Creative Workshop.

The story behind it is that the Wind Elf, Aira, has a small workshop where she is tinkering to build flying devices, so opening the box we get a few bags of parts and a small instruction booklet.

The set comes with a minidoll of the titular character, as well as a parrot companion and one of the excellent map tiles, whom I've used in many a moc so far.

The set consists of a few different pieces of furniture, and we start with a desk build first, based on a tan plate as it`s base.

The sides are being build up, as this holds a large scroll with the history of Elvendale on it.

A drawer with a potion is then installed in the front part of the cabinet.

Now THIS element I love, a printed measuring tool.  Super handy for pirate builds as well, and it is attached to the side of the closet as we put scissors and writing equipment on it.

As a small in betweener, we then build a small step where she will be trying her flying device from.

The third furniture piece is an window frame build.   This is build up to a certain height using arched elements.

The top features sloped points, connected with tree branches to show the "organic" nature of the Elven structures.

Finally, a niece printed round tile is added in between them to round out the build.

A cookie slider is inserted at it`s base... and the window piece is completed as the parrot sets down on it.

All that is now left to build is her flying machine, which uses a sort of clockwork mechanism including wind up bar to allow her to fly.

The full set stands completed:

And we got a nice selection of additional parts as well:

All in all, this is a nice little set which was especially great value for money last year when Kruidvat had them on clearance (I paid around 7 euro each, in a 3 for 2 price action to boot, so that was 3 of these for 14 euro at the register... nice!) it was a great moment to stock some up for the arches, the golden wings, the printed parts and the parrot.

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