vrijdag 19 augustus 2016

Hagen's Vacations: 't Wolfsven

Here we are, back from the second holiday trip in just two weeks, this time it was to a Roompot park for the kid to have some swimsies and some sportsies.

Or to let off steam before school would start again in two weeks...

The location was 't Wolfsven, a family park located in Mierlo (nearby Eindhoven in the Netherlands).  This park has a huge open water swimming lake, ideal for the nice and warm temperatures we had the past week.

Now, for me a true vacation is to get some rest, with a nice coffee flavored cigar.

Together with some good food

While most of the holiday as such was spend near the lake, I did decide to go out by myself tuesday for a bycicle trip.  The initial idea was to visit the local war cemetary right next to the park, in honour of the fallen Commonwealth troops of the second world war.

Ironically, just yesterday Beyond the Brick featured a MOC about the battle of Nuenen, one of the small villages I rode to.  This is how the town centre looks right now.

The rest of the small route I did (about 34 kilometres) took me along some really idyllic spots.  The nature in the area is great.

Another thing that is always on the must do list is of course the noble art of the charred meat, or barbeque'ing.

But we did get a bit of an anti-climax, as Chu severy sprained her ankle this morning just before leaving, so I`ve spend the whole afternoon in a not so fun place.  She`s more or less okay now, but it`s true what they say... nurses make terrible patients.

Well, seems the holidays are over now for this year, but as soon as Hagen goes out again, I`ll definitly will let you know!

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