maandag 29 augustus 2016

Star Wars Clone Wars Gambit: Siege - Karen Miller

While I`m more of a Trekkie, I always had an open mind about other franchises and have read the occassional Star Wars novel.

So I picked this one up at the recent Boekenfestijn in May, part 2 of the Gambit tale, taking place between the second and third movie.


Anakin and Obi Wan are on the run for Lok Durd, a Neimodian who is developping a terrifying chemical weapon.  While (in part 1) they had succeeded in freeing the family of the lead researcher on this project, the weapon is still in development.

Sheltering amongst a community of miners, they are discovered and the fate of the village rests on their shoulders.  in the meantime, the weapon is unleashed on Mon Mothma`s planet, and the senate forced into action...


Nope.  This wasn`t really my cup of tea.  While it features some more shism exploration between Anakin and Obi Wan, it`s more or less a long drawn out tale that feels like it has been seen before... a lot. And that makes it all feel to rushed in the final chapters.

Now, I`m not saying this because it`s Wars and not Trek, as I really loved the Thrawn series for example, but, if to best illustrate my feel about it, it leaves the same aftertaste in my mouth as the prequels did...

That`s not to say everything about this book is bad, and especcially the Sidious / Yoda political battles are nice to read, but in general I think this would / could have been a better story if it could just be like 50 or 100 pages longer.

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