zondag 28 augustus 2016

The Middle Earth Lego Minifigures Catalog - Christoph Bartneck

I got this book through Amazon the past week, more out of completeness sake then about having to see which figures I lack in my collection.

Now, it`s a 34 page thick booklet, which includes both of LEGO's "Tolkien" ranges, being The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

The book begins with a small explanation about the codes used in the book, how the average prices listed are calculated (basically, the september 2015 to februari 2016 averages on BrickLink) and then we move to the pages that have a picture of every minifig, it`s set numbers it could be found in, the usal likes.

On the one hand, at nearly 12 pounds it`s expensive for such a little book, but on the other hand, since it`s highly doubtful we ever will see a new Tolkien wave of sets appear for LEGO unfortunatly, it`s doubtless it will ever go "out of date" and be incomplete that way.

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