donderdag 11 augustus 2016

Changed my The Vault page

The Vault, or a collection of signed minifigures I have in my LEGO Collection.

Instead of the page where I tried to keep track of some haul video's and such...

I think, as a convention go-er, it is actually a nice way to collect signatures, namely to have actors (where possible) sign their equivalent in LEGO.  I just find it a shame perhaps I didn`t start doing this earlier, as I could have a bigger "collection" then the current two, as I went for picture signings before last year's FACTS.

To that end, I purchased a LOT of those dice boxes that your roleplaying dice tend to come in, put them upside down, glue a CMF plate in the bottom so the figure stands secured, and then have the box signed.

I also use transparent tape afterwards to secure the box and the signature, to better preserve it, and it goes into my display cabinet.

Now, to make it a quest to get all the signatures I can for the collection, if they are available in LEGO, I`m going for them!

Check out the stories behind some of the signings on my The Vault tab above, or true THIS link.

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