zondag 21 augustus 2016

The Haul Report # 43

Another week has gone by, and some great thingies have been added to the stash.

It all began past last week saturday, when I went to the fleamarket at Luchtbal, Antwerp.  I like this market, and every year I tend to find some nice little thingies for my own collection or for exchanges.

And it wasn`t any different this year, though I didn`t buy Lego myself (the Smurf did get 2 bags of loose bricks though at 6 euro each).  I found these 6 figures, being 4 original Battle Beasts and 2 modern era Transformers (who i admit, I`ll need to source some parts for to make them complete again) in a box labelled 50 cents a figure.  I asked the lady a price for all 6, and she wanted just a single euro for the lot.

Friends of mine run a stall there as well, and I was intrested in some stuff he had.  Even after asking several times, I wasn`t allowed to pay for them, so I got a free still sealed set of Block tech, which will be a clone brand build report in the future, and a tub of still sealed loose Mega Blocks, always handy to fill up that occasional mountain or baseplate.

That evening, I also bought a support bracelet for "my other intrests" club...

I then went on the vacation for a midweek to Mierlo, and I managed to grab some nice Lego items there.  In the Intertoys in Mierlo, they ran the promotion of certain packs of Dimensions at half price, so I grabbed the Emmet set for 8 euro without hesitation. 

While I was doing my bicycle trip, I found a Bart Smit in the village of Nuenen, and they had, and wanted to sell me, some Green Arrows for Dimensions, costing me 9.99 each.

The final item I acquired was the do-book for Star Wars at the local supermarket.  I admit, I did it for the figure, and his mustachioed head in particular.  That and the fact I`m a sucker for those sorts of magazines ;-)

So yeap, that was a good week for sure on the hauling levels!

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