dinsdag 23 augustus 2016

The Ice Runner GARC

It has been a (scandalously) long time since I found some spare time to build for Andromeda's Gates, the sci-fi rpg over on Eurobricks, but with this GARC I managed to hop back in.

GARC: Galactic Asteroid Rally Circuit racers

These are basically microbuild spaceships made to zoom around asteroids, and they are part of the Challenge 5, category C.  The rules mention the vessel must count 12x12 studs maximum excluding exhaust fumes etc, which I managed to the final stud in length (see the bottom picture).

The Ice Runner is the latest Kawashita racer, and sports the icy logo of Von Geekington's love for ice mining.  Long and sleek, she is mostly geared towards straight line speed, sacrificing manoeuvrability instead.

Sporting quad awesomnium impulse engines, the lady is ready to compete for gold in the AG Olympics!

And the requested twelve stud measurement

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