zaterdag 13 augustus 2016

Work in Progress update 13th of august 2016

While I`m waiting for a parcel to arrive with the final parts to start working on my Battlestar, I have begun working on some other "deadline" projects.

Well, the first one wasn`t planned actually, but I had so much fun with the Harry Potter and Star Trek mosaics, I decided to do another one, using another technique.

Pikachu will be a mosaic that will be made up completely out of tiles, and not like the others I did with bricks surrounded by tiles for the background.

The base for the build is a "coloured squarepaper" from pixel art, and this will be transferred onto a 32x32 baseplate with Lego elements instead of paper and colouring pens.

The goal is to have this ready by Hascon the 11th of september, as that convention will be falling in the still monstrous hype that is currently going round Pokemon.  Do it while it`s hot you know...

The second "I really should have started this earlier" is the second plate for the Pirate town of Quinnsville.  Modular like the first 48x48 plate and it`s beach "ends", this will feature a dock where the ship I posted earlier this week will be berthed.

The other modules that are going to be placed upon it are the buildings that have been passing by the past months, being the coffee house, the gambling den and the chocolate store, while I still need to actually MAKE a fourth one that goes on that in the timespan as well.

The goal for this is Brick Mania Antwerp, beginning of november, as she is part of the Pirates lay-out that will be taking place there.  Bit of a bigger version of the one I featured in Brick Mania Wetteren report.

The only problem *might* be I could run out of blue plates to cover the water section before "studding" it, but I`ll see if I can count this out soon and if needed order some more during september.

But that`s a matter for after I come back from the small week holdiay I`ll have day after tomorrow, and then I`ll actually be building both at my place, and the GF`s at the same time on seperate projects. 

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