zondag 14 augustus 2016

Inspirational Lego # 83

To compensate the later episode of last week, this time I`m posting it in the first minute of your new monday (well, in my timezone at least).

That, and the fact I`ll be off for a week from tomorrow morning, so it`ll be a quit midweek here at my corner of the net.

The first build is this huge Battle of Agincourt display by HistoryLUG.  I love the details of this famous battlefield, which gave rise to the might of the english longbow, and I`m a big fan of HistoryLUG`s creations.

The next vigentte is creepy and well executed, as the facehugger jumps from it`s egg to get the poor Colonial marine.

From the third Harry Potter movie comes this nice little scene, where Harry and Hermione used the Time-Turner to save Buckbeak.

A gorgeous build representing the Taidan Interceptor from the Homeworld videogames.

Chris McVeigh did a great job with his rendition of the Juno space probe.

A lovely miniland scale Star Wars build

A landing where you can walk away from is a good landing, the saying goes.

This Parakeet is greatly done, almost looking lifelike.  I think if you put him in real bird cage, you might actually fool people.

The Pokemon hype remains strong, and this Oddish is greatly executed!

A small shepherd`s hut, with some fantastic brick build sheep.

And that`s the selection once more for this week, hope you enjoyed them and see you again next monday!

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