zaterdag 6 augustus 2016

Build Report: 70155 Inferno Pit

Okay, so this one might be a bit of a contradiction.  I always say I loved Chima for the parts, but then again you also have the Speedorz line...

While these where aimed at kids with their ripcord play feature, they didn`t have that may parts, as most of the count was taken up by the bike for the characters, so mostly I let this part of the range pass me by.

Well, mostly...

Opening the box we get the parts bag, the instruction booklet, and a set of trading cards for the set.  Yes, I`m a sucker for trading cards, I know.

The model included is one of the Phoenix Tribe members, Fluminox.

The first thing we build is a small torch for the driver to hold.

Then we continue building the Speedor bike, which I must admit has a nice printed frontpart, and some excellent trans-orange flaming wings.

The main target for this set is a trap that holds a flaming orb.  The orb itself is nicely coloured, and dark red rock pieces are always welcome.

A small ramp is then put together.

The final build are two interlocking connector arches that make up the edges of the "inferno pit". 

The full set stands assembled, with the transblue crystals as points tokens included as usual in these sets.

And the few extra pieces that came with it.

The flame wings, the trans-orange connectors and the dark red rock made me actually put open this set whom I got from a clearance sale for a few euro.  It`s not a bad thing per se, this Speedor line, but in the end, it`s just not my thing...

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