woensdag 10 augustus 2016

Classic Lego Build: 653 Ambulance and Helicopter

Hailing from half a decennia since two legendary things where born, namely the Lego minifigure and myself, comes this 1973 uber classic set.

I got it at an auction house for a few euro, with box, and just had to put it together for a build report before parting it into my element piles.

Counting a measly 37 parts, this set contains two vehicles for the Hospital subtheme of that age, being an ambulance and a helicopter.  Now, considering this came from some person`s basement, the bricks where still in an okay condition.

We start by building the helicopter first, whose landing gear is based around a 2x3 brick.

The bodywork and the tail section, all being made of basic elements, are then put together.

The final step is to add long plates to serve as the rotors of the helicopter.

Now we move on to the ambulance, which is based on a white plate on which transparant elements are added to make the windows.

The wheels and bricks to bulk the body out a bit are added under the plate.

The final step is to add the details and the roof as the car is ready then.

And the set stands completed:

It`s always a cool thing to put something together THAT old, even though it wouldn`t go in the collection per se except as single parts. 

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