woensdag 10 augustus 2016

Inspirational Lego # 82

A few days later then normal as I came home totally knackered yesterday evening and didn`t have the energy left to do this weekly collection of awesome internet builds, here are the ten outstanding pieces of work found online.

I hope like always you love the things I`ve seen while surfing the internet and that it might inspire you as well to start or continue on your own projects, or just enjoy the lot of eye candy once again.

The first build this week is a fantastic looking Balrog, including a bridge of Khazad Dum where he duels Gandalf.

Never mess with Lightning McQueen, as he comes back to haunt you in his modified Mecha body otherwise!

While sir Pratchett might no longer be with us, meaning the end of his excellent Discworld books, this build greatly represents the Dean of the Unseen Academy.

A great piece of pixel art I found this week, was this Link from the Zelda series, actually made out of Duplo bricks.  Maybe I should start hoarding those bricks in the future for other purposes then stabilizing my hill builds, in order to try one or two of those 58 crochet patterns I have lying around in those bricks.

I love the occassional SteamPunk build, even though it isn`t my real area of building myself, and this flying newsstand is just hilarious.

Brick build figures are always nice to see, and this dynamic Star Wars duo is excellently lined out with the rounded heads and sense of movement in them.

Sherlock and Watson are discussing their newest investigation in the beautifully recreated study.

A fine piece of wildlife in this build, as a lion is stalking the savannah.

Airwolf, a classic from the 80s in which a top secret military helicopter was hidden inside a cooled down volcano to fight crime.  Pity Lego never picked this Ideas proposal up.

The final build this week I found is this Artic base, based around the subtheme Lego came out with for City last year.

Another stack of eye-candy, and until next week when some more eye-candy can be shared of all those awesome things people are building with the Lego brick.

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