zaterdag 13 augustus 2016

The Haul Report # 42

Well, even though I have been out of the country from sunday until wednesday, I still managed to get myself a nice heap of stuffs for my collections.

It all began last saturday, as I went to the local Lego store for baseplates.  With mosaics and the second phase of my pirate town (more on those in a later post soon) in the WIP phase, I better stocked up to get me through september...

Which also gave me the not so cool Police Chase polybag.  Oh well, the parts can be salvaged at least.

I also met up with a friend there, as we had some exchanges between ourselves.  he had a pile of grey elements for the Battlestar I`m going to build, as well as the Toys R Us exclusive giraffe set.

In the meantime, my Padawan (aka mum) was on a flea market and found another display stand for those fancy plates, which I`ll be using for my mosaics.

I even managed to find two magazines in germany while driving back from the Alsace region.  I don`t care the comics are in german, a language I am like so-so mastered in, I do it for the figures, and they cost 50 cents less over there.

Back home, I had some mail in the post.  These where all parts to complete action figures for my exchanges, so nothing really spectacular on that.

But also a heap of minifigures from a lot I obtained through Facebook.  My friend of the trade above wanted two of them (the barrista and the painter), I wanted, well, most of the fantasy and pirate and star trek suited ones, so that left me with the dance teacher and Willie for my trade pile.'s order came in thursday, as I had ordered their small Pokemon figures, a set of little guys like Venonat, Oddish, Ghastly, Jigglypuff etc printed on minifig heads.  Now I can make my small Pokemon vignette soonish.

Friday I went on my usual tour of Kringloop and Kilomeet, and the finds where great.  In the Kringloop, I found a Star Trek book, a LEGO game for 2 euro, and a DVD box for the GF as she doesn`t have the first season of The Tudors anymore.

But Kilomeet was even greater.  I dug as usual for some leftover loose Lego pieces, coming out with the Pterodactyl as prize and some loose pieces.  The system there is you pay by the kilo, and the minimum pay is 0.50 cents anyways, so I picked out some other toys I can definitly trade around.

Three Star Wars Bobbleheads and a Droids rubics cube, a Green Power Ranger, and then for the Smurf a Minion and for my youngest 1 year old cousin a sweet little locomotive.

Good solid stuff I got this week, so you won`t hear me complaining!

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