dinsdag 2 augustus 2016

Build Report: LOZ Squirtle

Today`s build report is one for a LOZ Diamond Block set, from the iBlock Fun range, namely the tiny turtle Pokemon Squirtle.  Which is a logical choice for me to start collecting the range with, as it was my very first Pokemon starter way back in 1996 with pokemon Blue...

Now, these models can be aquired in Belgium and The Netherlands through Rob Dumernit of MiniBlocks, and this particular Pokemon series retails at around 8 euro.  Now, if you are reading this and you live in say the United Kingdom, or Paraguay for example, Rob ships worldwide.  You can contact him through the MiniBlocks Facebook page for details.

Now, this isn`t Lego!  These are the tiny elements like Nanoblocks does as well, with their dimensions being 5mm thick, and 8mm height for a 2byX block`s 2 stud side.

Opening the small cubical box, we get a plastic bag of the little elements, and the instruction sheet.

Now, the set is labelled ages 9 and up, and this might be true indeed.  Bar the small elements, the instructions do take a bit of getting used to as well.  Most of the steps contain two "layers" of build, and you need to do the bottom ones first, not like on Lego instructions where you build the top part you see and then put it on the build itself.  Another difference is that you need your attention, no step by step bricks needed like Lego tends to do the last years, this is back to the good old times like the old pre 2000s Lego sets.

We start the build by laying ready the bottom line of elements, then connect the line above to them, so that everything gets connected to each other nicely.

The shield and the belly are then build up, as we have Squirtle's little tail sticking out at the back.

The arms of the tiny turtle are put together, and it`s worth noting that these little bricks have an awesome amount of clutch power, keeping it all perfectly together.

Next, we build up the turtle head as the shield runs, like with the "real" model, to it`s neck.

The top of the head is then closed off, giving it a nice round looking feature for what are essentially little square blocks.

Finally, we put his two feet at the bottom of the model.

The set comes with a baseplate, which, if you want to have an idea how big the elements are compared to Lego, is the size of a 4x4 Lego plate.

It also has a small printed LOZ logo slope to go with it.

And Squirtle stands completed:

The set also comes with a nice amount of additional parts.  I`ll be keeping a small box for these, heck maybe in the far future I might MOC something with those teeny-weeny blocks.

I admit, I'm sold to the range.  They will have some more Pokemon in the not so far future, including a Charmander (yes, I`m a sucker for the little starter beasties) amongst others, so I will definitly be buying them again in the future!

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