donderdag 11 augustus 2016

The Frisky Business

Wherever new settlements tend to grow, the amount of sailors increases.

And those sailors need distraction for when they are on land, so it was no wonder that Captain Tierlantijn sailed his ship into the Quinnsville harbour and moored it there.

This ship, The Frisky Business, is manned by "ladies of ill repute", out to empty the pockets of golds and the heads of secrets, which their captain can definitly try to turn into profit...

A small build based on the gorgeous Elves ship, the Frisky Business is a ship I won`t be licensing as an actual ship in Brethren of the Brick Seas, but as a place of commerce property.  The vessel will become permanently moored in the larger baseplate of Quinnsville, which I`m currently working on, as a sort of floating merchant place.

Something actually quite common in the age of piracy, where a lot of older ships where used as housing and commerce, as the regular buildings couldn`t be raised fast enough at times compared to the influx of new settlers.

Have a good time aboard...

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