zondag 21 augustus 2016

Build Report: Star Wars Magazine Millenium Falcon

I don`t know the number of this small promo bag, but it came with the first issue of the LEGO Star Wars magazine, and I must say I love it.

These little sets are always something that draws me to these magazines, and usually I part them out after building.  However, I really like how this little fella is done, so he is currently still surviving on my shelves.

The instructions are printed inside the magazine, and the bag provides all the needed elements to make the famous Correlian freighter.

The build is based around a rounded plate.

The engines, the side and the cockpit area are attached using technic bricks and elements, a very intresting way of going about in such a little build.

Corner pieces then close up the backside, as we put together the cockpit that is going at the side of the Falcon.

Another intresting way is how the front is done, to add the triangles to the saucer section.

The front is closed off, and then a plate goes on top nicely slotting in the whole build.

The roof turret and the radar dish are then added to finalise the build, and it`s the "pre" Force Awakens version, as it still has it`s circular dish.

Enter the small modification... I build a small plate for the ship, just a CMF base and a cone, but this allows the use as a stand for the little guy.

The full set completed:

And for reference, here she stands next to that Galor I build a while ago, to give an impression of her size.

I really love this little set.  Not because it`s the Millenium Falcon, but because of the techniques used in such a small build.  Highly recommended!

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