vrijdag 12 augustus 2016

The Jungle Book 2

This is one of the few sequels Disney made that actually went into theatre`s instead of straight to DVD back in 2003.

And while I normally don`t really watch these movies, this one has a sad tale to it... which I`ll tell at the end.


The story takes place shortly after the original movie, as Mowgli now lives in the human village with Shanti and little Ranjan.  However, he misses his life and friends in the jungle.

When Baloo visits Mowgli, Shanti thinks he is being abducted by the bear and follows him into the jungle.  here she almost falls victim to Kaa, but is saved by Ranjan. 

Shere Khan follows their trail, but as he corners Mowgli in an old temple, Baloo and Shanti come to the rescue and overcome the tiger.  They all return to the village but are no longer prohibited to go into the jungle for some fun.


I`m not into these Disney sequels.  Heck, I DID love some Disney movies, but I`m not an afficionado of the brand (Brother Bear remains my favorite) and wasn`t particularly exited on this one either.

So why did I watch it?  Well, here is my sad tale

I watched this movie this afternoon seated in the children`s corner of the local C&A.  This clothing retail store had 50% off sales, and the GF and her mother-in-law went totally bezerk over it, so I saw the storm coming... the movie just started on the television, so I sat down (no children in sight neither)... and managed to watch the whole movie and they still weren`t done.

You know those pictures of men sitting bored waiting for their wives... well, I`m glad no-one was running around with a camera.

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