zaterdag 13 augustus 2016

Classic Lego Build: 690 Shell Station

Lego has long had sets with cooperation of Shell, and this resulted back in 1974 in the 73 part Shell Station.

I got the set at a local auction house for 4 euro, and of course I just wanted to build this before parting it into my brick boxes.

The set came with an 8 by 24 baseplate, that had rounded corners.

On this, the contours of the service house are first build, using the old mat transparent clears for the front windows.

Next, the pumps are installed, and I must say the printed elements are still in great shape.

We insert the door as the walls and glass front are raised to their height.

Onto this, the roof is then placed with the Shell brick on it.

The secondary pumps are then build.

And the full set stands completed:

It`s nowwhere near as impressive as the "true" gasstations that began appearing with the advent of the minifigure and their cars, but it makes up for a lot in pure nostalgia.  It`s always great to build these true gems from a time long before LEGO became the market leader in toys.

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