vrijdag 12 augustus 2016

Build Report: LOZ Pikachu

In today's build report I'm putting together the second of the nanoblock like sets I bought recently, the LOZ Diamond Blocks Pikachu.

Purchased through MiniBlocks, located in The Netherlands, we are going to have a look at everyone`s favorite electric rodent.

Compared to the Squirtle I did earlier, this build is made of 10 more pieces then the tiny turtle Pokemon, numbering 120 elements.

The instructions are as I told earlier with Squirtle, a bit of "getting used to" if you are used to the Lego sets of the past 10 years, and remember at about two steps per image, to do the ones at the bottom first before putting on the second layer!

We start the build by laying out the core layer upon which we will commence building.

The next layer is then put onto that to secure the layers and stabilize the build.

The back comes with Pikachu's typical brown stripes, and the beginning of the tail is added here.

The underside of the head has the elements included to make his red cheek spots.

The nose and eyes are then build into the head as we keep putting layers on it to bulk it out.

Next, we complete the backside and continue working on the tail section.

As we progressed to the ears... I ran into a problem. A packing error had occured, and instead of having the required 4 black corners for the ears and 4 brown that where inserted in Pikachu's back, I had 2 black and 6 brown in my boxed set.  I send a message to Rob of MiniBlocks, and he immediatly send me the two missing pieces at no cost, nor the need to send him the wrong elements.  A fantastic service!

But as I now had the missing elements in a timespan of a few days, I could continue onwards and put together the ears for Pikachu.

The last thing I had to do was to add his feet and a small element at the bottom, and he was completed.

The LOZ Pikachu in all it's glory.

I really like the looks of this tiny model (to give you an idea, both Pikachu and Squirtle are about the height of a LEGO Minifigure, and their baseplate is slightly larger then a 4x4 plate) and I`ll be difinitly ordering some more of the Pokemon line (and then some) in the near future.

And I also had a nice stash of additional pieces left over as well in the end...

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