donderdag 6 juli 2017

Aldebrand Ludenhof, Elector Count of Hochland

Every amry needs a general, and what better model for a veteran of 4th edition to use an Elector Count for his Empire force.

This classic model was one of the 4 original Elector Count models when the 4th edition Empire army book came around, and I always loved those models.

Every Count wielded a Runefang, one of the 12 mystical swords the Empire possessed, and had something special.  In the case of the Hochland ruler, this was his warhawk that could make an additional attack.

Now, as it was a special character and it`s the general of my restarted army, a bit more of painting effort was required, and I went for my "old days" 3 steps per colour method. 

Not the hardest of techniques, I always loved the results it wielded.

And it also means another 100 points to the tally of the budding force, so the 1000 mark is becoming within my grasp now and I`ll be battle ready.

Next up on the painting schedule, well, Hochland State Troops of course

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