maandag 17 juli 2017

Hochland Swordsman state troops

Continuing in my labours to get around 1000 points on the table for the mega battle, and with the clock ticking ever closer as I have about a month to go, another small regiment got finished.

This time, following the theme of my Elector Count, I went for the Hochland colours for the Swordsman troopers.

Armed with swords and shields, allowing a better save and to re-roll 1s, these guys are a nifty little regiment for 80 points, pushing my total now to 760 points in total.

The next regiment for the force will be some more Hochlanders, but of the handgunner variety then, while after that I`m going to have to see what to paint next to get as close as possible to the aimed for points value.

For Sigmar!

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