zondag 2 juli 2017

On the Painting Desk 1

A new thingy I wanted to try out on my blog, in kind of a replacement regular feature of Inspirational Lego, is On the Painting Desk.

Not that this is going to be anything flashy or such, but more of a weekly oversight of what I *hope* to be working on during the week.

Now, this feature will appear on saturdays where able, though for the first one it`s already sunday... as I forgot to write it yesterday evening, oopsie.  As such, this is a picture of this morning, after an almost all nighter painting marathon completing two units, but those will be uploaded later in the week.

For the coming week, I have a few things lined up to do some work on:

* Bob the Psychedelic Orc: don`t ask, I`ll dedicate a blogpost to him in the hopefully not so far future

* Steeds of Slaanesh: already from the lot of the Haul Report earlier this morning, I put on their "base colours" already to await that Army painter thing.  Never used washes like that, so just awaiting my mail order for them to arrive and try them out.

* Aldebrand Ludenhof: he will be the commander of my Age of Sigmar force that I`ll be fielding in august, and what better model for a mostly old Empire army then a classic Elector Count.

* Hellborn Fallen Sisters: 6mm "basic space marines" infantry for my FWC Emperor's Children

That`s the plan for the coming days to work on a bit, though with the AoS deadline looming closer, warhammer figures will be pushed forward some more.

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