zondag 16 juli 2017

Future War Commander: Emperor's Children 1000 points

A small paint marathon and varnish morning this weekend, and I already have my initial plan for this week completed.

I managed to get a battle ready force of Emperor's Children finished, totalling 1000 points if I use the Marine Corps army list.

While it will be expanded (a lot) with more units, this was already a small, probably not so great, force put together so that I can get a game in after almost 6 years.  Rusty won`t even start to cover my gaming skills in the system...

The HQ (for now) is this Space Marine stand from Epic.  I`m planning on mix and matching various colourschemes, for the III Legion that`ll be the pink / black post heresy scheme with the gorgeous purple and gold original scheme.  He will be, when I expand my force, demoted to a CO, as a demon prince will take the place of HQ, and ideally over time Fulgrim himself.

The Regular Marines are 5 stands strong, and are Onslaught miniatures Hellborn.  Their, errrm, "open front end armour plates" was a sure seller when I saw the figures.  I also have more of them in the jetpack variant for stands of assault marines later on.

These bikes have been painted in the original colours, and the stand will serve as a Recce bike, something I`m planning on all the "normal" bikes because...

... for the infantry on bike units I`m going to be using the old Steeds of Slaanesh models from Epic, and the force begins with 4 of them.

Next up, I have 4 of the really old plastic dreadnoughts, divided over two stands, to make two units of support walkers for the force.

The only real tank so far in my force is this Land Raider, also painted in the original Legion colours.  She will begin her career as the IFV version of the Raider to fit the list's points.

I went for the white marble bases, something I`m fond off ever since I saw that in a White Dwarf mid 90s, as this give a sort of "demon worldly" look to the bases, and which will even look better when iItransfer that scheme to my 40k models I hope.  And of course, the gloss varnish was deliberate to give them an all shiny look (okay, the lighting strenghtens it incredibly on the pictures).

I`ll be doing at times, for fun, perhaps some small detachments of 3 other Legions to go "in" the force, which is something I`m planning to do for my 40k army as well, perfectly possible in that system with all the seperate detachments making a list, and I want to copy this on my 6mm.

But first, I`ll be preparing some more units to expand my choices in this force :-)

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