woensdag 19 juli 2017

Code Geass: Akito The Exiled

A spin-off series of the highly rated and popular Code Geass series, Akito the Exiled is a 5-part OVA set during the "hole" between the two seasons of the original.

Making use of the same animation and drawing style, I did make one mistake... I got the dubbed version instead of the subbed one.

And boy is the dub horrible.  The series focusses on the events that take place in Europe, with the Eurasian union and Britanno-euro union (our day France and United Kingdom) facing off in the German / eastern countries regions.  This results as such in a lot of "frenglish" and "ruslish" overaccented speech, see my point.

A special unit, the Wyvern squadron, is commanded by Commander Maclaw and has the star pilot Akito, "the ghost of Hannibal", in it's ranks.  While he doesn`t possess the Geass, he does have a power that can mentally link others to him when he becomes very angry, maling several Nightmares connect with his movements.

On the opposing side is his brother, who is doing all he can to first take over the Order of Michael, then instigate a war between the two nations with the sole purpose of destroying humanity at all costs...

Ow, and we get to see Lelouch as well...

A very enjoyable series if you loved the original (heck, who didn`t?) with the right amount of comic relief versus action.

Just get the subbed version...

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