zaterdag 15 juli 2017

Zombicide: The Hellhole - after game report

No, I didn`t go on a citytrip to Brussels...

Yesterday evening, I joined in on the regular monthly game of Zombicide over at TSA, and the name of the scenario was The Hellhole.

(picture property of Patrick V.O.)

Now, in this scenario, you have to kill Necromancers in order to get all spawn points into the central keep.  Once that is achieved, you need to toss in Dragon Bile, and light the whole place in order to clear out the points themselves.

Every player got two characters to play with, and as it was my first time, I picked two figures I liked the look off, and screw the characteristics.  Hence I got a Necromancer with "clappy hands" and a girl with a dead cow on her head.

The initial, empty keep, as the brave army of survivors arrive on the scene.

From the go, walkers besiege the brave adventurers.

Pretty soon, my Necromancer found bile and torch... so guess who would be the torchbearer (no pun intended).

Slow and steady the party works their way to the central keep...

Though some big guys did their best to stop our parties from ever obtaining their goal.

The plan is laid out on how to tackle the central part.

Which is filling up quite impressively...

My at that point 5 experience Necromancer had his moment.  As I was out for a drink and a wee, the party decided I needed to toss in the bile and torch to clear out the central room.  This resulted in what I call "the Birth of Nagash", as he went from 5 to 41 XP... after already completing a full track.  Suddenly, that was one mighty bugger loaded with vault artifacts, skills and more stuff.

All that we now had to do was keep the mobs in check and wait for the second Necromancer to be caught.

It was then time for another of our heroes to light the final fuse, and we took home the win.

This was quite a fun game, though the Nagash moment was a bit over the top.  In hindsight, we should have gone in sooner and clear the room / keep it in check, so that others could accumulate XP easier.  Now we had like, apart from the Necromancer beast, a duo of "orange" level heroes, but for the same amount ended with still 4 characters in "blue", one who actually got his experience for the most part through finding food while searching.

At least the Hellhole has been closed, and every one of the band returned homewards unscathed...

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