zondag 23 juli 2017

Haul Report 91

Hey all, and welcome to the weekly oversight of thingies I added to my collection.

A bit of a varied selection this week, as not everything has been purely for the wargaming collection.

The first thing I grabbed was this model of Thunderbird 2 and 4, which I found at a fleamarket for a few euro, and completes my collection of old Matchbox Thunderbirds again.  Overtime I`ll be looking around for a better condition 4, just like I have to do still with my 3 copy as age has been not to kind on that one.

I also picked up these two figures still carded, but I admit that is purely for trading onwards.  I paid 5 euro a piece for those, and expect to get around 10 each.

When visiting Standaard Boekhandel for something for my mom, I found this book at 9.95.  The series was rather okay, so let's find out how the book is, shall we.

My clipper, after years of loyal duty, was getting ruined, so I went to Modelbouw Verschooten in Antwerp to get a new one.  being there, I also picked up a fresh pot of Sky Grey (it`s a color I use a lot, as base for lighter tones) and a Naga lady from Avatars of War, which is excellently suitable to become a Herald of Slaanesh (she az bubz).

Right around the corner, I hopped in at the local Games Workshop to pick up a small order I had made the previous week.  My Sigvald, a Slaaneshi character for Age of Sigmar, had arrived so I went to collect him.

And brought along some paints as well while I was at it...

The final arrival was from Forge World, as my Chaos Index book finally fell in the mailbox, and quite a few of those units will be added to my forces in the future for sure!

A good week with some lovely stuff, and see you all next week!

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