dinsdag 18 juli 2017

White Dwarf July 2017

This months White Dwarf centres around two new releases mostly, the first being of course the new edition of Warhammer 40k that came out last month.

The second is a bit of material mostly about the new Age of Sigmar: Skirmish rules, which is a bit of Mordheim styled play.

Of course, you get the focus on all sorts of new releases (Primaris Marines mostly), but let`s have a look at some of the bigger features of the magazine.

The Hall of Fame centers around the very impressive Magnus the Red kit, I can only hope Fulgrim will be released as such a set one day as well.

Next up, we have a very intresting interview panel, all about the kit designers this time.  Including Aly Morrison, a bloke from "my days"... so yeah, I`m getting old.

In Tale of Four Warlords, the saga of building forces for 40k continues, and the Iron Warriors are becoming the largest Power Level force by far at the moment.

Golden Demon this month is about the Horus Heresy, and includes some fantastic dreadnoughts and titans.

The Art of Waagh is doing a great job looking at the evolution of Orkish artwork in the Warhammer / Age of Sigmar setting.

Then we come to one of the top articles this month, as Tactica returns and takes a look at the differences in the new edition of 40k compared to the older one.  Of course, they lead neatly to this months battle reports where Tau and Orks clash.

It`s Skirmish time then, with a battle report, but also some example bands and some material what these rules are all about.  I am definitly getting that Start Collecting Slaanesh box that is suited to this ruleset.

Army of the month features a huge Stormcast Eternal force this time round, while the rest of Painting and Collecting looks at forces for 40k made from the Start Collecting boxed sets.

Other paint guides include the Primaris Psyker, but also an article on the battle boards and how you can customise them.  This rolls nicely into Blacheitsu, while the hobby section is rounded out with some gorgeous examples and tips on painting armoured vehicles.

A good issue this month, but not the best I picked up yet since I restarted buying them, it does have some very handy paint tips for myself.

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