donderdag 20 juli 2017

Emperor's Children 6mm Land Speeder

The first small unit I have finished to go with my 6mm Chaos army after the initial 1000 points has been finished yesterday evening, a modest Land Speeder.

This vehicle hopefully gives me some fast moving firepower for the tabletop.

Now, while I went for the Emperor's Children post heresy colourscheme, in the future I`ll also be adding some units painted in other Legion colours.  The reason for this is mainly to add some variety to painting, but I`m planning a more dedicated blogpost on this subject somewhere next week.  So if you're intrested in some of that rambling, check back soon.

The model itself is one of the old plastic speeders from the Epic range from Games Workshop, the one with the huge plasma cannon on top.  Painted with Squid Pink as it`s base colour (from the Game Color range), this then got a purple wash from Army Painter's range on top.  The golden tone, Brass from Coat D'Arms, also got the purple wash, which is suitable for the 6mm models, but for their 40k equivalents I`ll be using a chestnut wash indeed to give it an even "older" look (like I did on my Elector Count a few weeks ago).

And now to paint some more Empire chaps in order to get that all finished ;-)

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