vrijdag 14 juli 2017

American Gods

Based on the novel series from Neil Gaiman, American Gods was the Starz hit series of the past spring.

It has in the meantime been renewed for a second season, and it focusses on the struggle of the Old Gods to survive against the New Gods, whom become stronger every day.

Shadow Moon, who`s wife dies days before he is released from prison after having an affair with his best friend, is offered a job by the mysterious Mr Wednesday.  He however is none other then Odin, and he is looking to bring together the Old Gods, who require worshipping lest they be forgotten, in a war against the New Gods, technology.

To this end, they go on a road trip to collect as many as they can.  This results in a three way story arc.  The first being Shadow and Wednesday meeting with other gods.  The second arc is a series of flashbacks, telling the story of how some of them came into power, and then there is the arc of Shadow`s returned, now zombie`d wife who is trailing him together with a leprechaun.

While the series has some mighty strong storytelling, unfortunatly this is at time the only thing going on: people sit down and tell stories. 

While I liked the series, I can`t say I was incredibly wild about it, but that won`t stop me picking up series 2 when it comes out.

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