vrijdag 28 juli 2017

Wat Mannen Willen

Wat Mannen Willen (What Men Want) is a flemish comedy from 2015, following the lives of 6 guys living in Ghent.

The movie follows these six different blokes, and how their lives get connected to each other in some way.

Full of stereotypes, like the cold feet soon to be husband, the ex with anger management issues, but also special cases like the schlager singer who wants to better the world through his lyrics...

While this is basically a "chick flick" I saw it yesterday when the GF and her friend where watching it in the saloon, and I was (trying to) do some paintwork.  It`s not a bad film, even though the humour isn`t really of my tastes.  Though the ladies had fun in comparing me to one of the blokes in the film :-P.

All in all, it was a good hangover afternoon movie, but not one I would label as a flemish classic of cinema.

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