dinsdag 25 juli 2017

Future War Commander Daemon Princess

The most recent addition to my Emperor's Children 6mm incarnation, I finally found a suitable miniature to present my "head honcho".

Well, until I get my hands on the old Fulgrim figure that is...

And she is actually a GW model as well.  I found the old wizard's familiar, the naked demonic lady, for peanuts, and decided to put her on a lower base (otherwise she would become far to high) to go with the army.

She`ll be the HQ unit, while the commanders with banners will be CO`s.  I painted her with the Army Painter Purple wash, and it actually gave such a cool effect on her skin (Flesh from Coat D`Arms, a very pale colour like the prehistoric GW one) that I didn`t drybrush the skin afterwards, but just the hair.

Slowly but steadily the force keeps growing...

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