zaterdag 29 juli 2017

On the Painting Desk 5

Well, I finished the Warp talons, my main target for the past week, so it`s time to move on to the next unit in the budding Chaos army, basic Marines.

I`ll hopefully assemble them tonight, in order to be able to undercoat them tomorrow during the GP of Hungary.

In the meantime, I have some 6mm on the table as well to work on during the week.  After finishing the small Alpha Legion detachment for my force the past week, I`m aiming to do the little Night Lords section this week.

Also on the menu are two Whirlwinds to serve as artillery pieces.  One will be in the pre Heresy colourscheme, the other in the pink and black one.  And I also have a Knight Lancer prepped to bring some Mecha power to my force.

Now, I`m still awaiting a Dark Elf figure, and if she arrives, she`ll get priority in painting, as she *should* be on the table next friday when I`m fielding my army in Age of Sigmar for the first time, to learn a bit of the rules before the big battle.  Or get a suitable figure this week from the GW store otherwise...

Considering the busy week ahead, I`ll see how far I get on these figures...

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