zaterdag 8 juli 2017

On the Painting Desk 2

It`s been a good week painting wise, in that I completed my general for my Age of Sigmar army, Aldebrand Ludenhof, earlier this week.

And as such, a fresh heap of models has been added to the painting tray, to work on now and then when I got some time.

A unit of 10 Empire State Troops, whom I`ll be aiming to expand to 20 by the time the big battle comes around, has been prepared and the metals have already been added and inked.  My main goal this week is to get them at least in their basic "uniform" colours.  Now, these will be Hochlanders, so that will be a combination of green and red as main clothing combination.

I also prepared a couple more units for my 6mm Emperor's Children, as I found some old epic space marines and imperial guard models in my stash.  While the IG will be used to trade for some more marine models, the Marines will be serving in a combination in the pink scheme for post heresy, and the gorgeous purple and gold pre heresy schemes.

I got all the models primed for a full 1000 points force in Future War Commander, which will grant me the following small force to just start playing again.  Fine-tuning will be for afterwards.

An HQ and 5 stands of Regular Marines to form the core.  The classic space marine bike stand will serve as a Recce unit, while the 4 steeds of slaanesh will be infantry bike troops.  Support wise, I`ll be fielding two stands of the old plastic Dreadnoughts as support walkers, and the Land Raider as an IFV vehicle.  The land speeder isn`t included in this list, but I`ve prepared that one as well, for future options.

Now all I need to do for these guys is still await my order of Army Painter purple wash to arrive, which is currently held in limbo as one piece of my total order isn`t in stock yet with the online store I ordered with.  But once that arrives, I can wash the whole army in one go, and then slowly start basing and finishing the units... or at least that`s the plan.

See you again next week for any progress!

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