zaterdag 29 juli 2017

Realmgate Wars: Balance of Power

The second of the campaign books that came out for Age of Sigmar, Balance of Power continues exploring the new world through a set of linked stories.

Like with the previous tome, this 300+ tome features a lot of backstory on how the wars in the Realms develops as Sigmar tries to push back the forces of Chaos and free the 8 planes.

Of course, this means his Stormcasts are still the central force he is using for this, but in this book more armies are introduced and at the end a heap of warscrolls have been added.

The first story is a continuation of the story that took place on the plain of Life, as Stormcast and Sylvaneth alike are protecting Alarielle from the attack of Nurgle.  While both Khorne troops and the Seraphon appear later on, the main story focusses around the Lady of Vines.

In the second chain of stories, the Fyreslayers are joined by Stormcast Eternals in an effort to push back the Skaven and assault the Blood Keep of Khorne on the plane of Fire.

Meanwhile, on the plane of Death, Stormcasts form an uneasy alliance with Neferata to defend the realm against an attack by followers of Slaanesh.  But perhaps the greatest of consequences is that during this conflict, the Great Necromancer Nagash is once more reborn.

The final story builds further on the Ghal Maraz arc of the first book.  As the Stormcasts hunt the Tzeentch sorcerer from book one, they come across the most dangerous of enemies, and pay for it the ultimate price... Archaon arrives in the Age of Sigmar!

Another gorgeously illustrated and well written book, this one features most importantly the warscrolls for the mainstay of Chaos forces.

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