zondag 9 juli 2017

Haul Report 89: Happy birthday to me

This weeks Haul Report is all in the taste of the awesome gifts I received for my birthday, as I stepped on the final lap to the big 4 today.

I would like to thank everyone for the pretty shinnies that now grace my place, ranging from movie tickets to bottles of Coke Light, I love you all xxx

For the "geeky part" there are these two to highlight, the first being a box of Daemonettes and Warp Talons, courtesy of the parents in law.  They will grace the IIIth Legion with pride.

The kid gave me this awesome powerbank to join me on my next walkarounds, hunting for the missing beasties of my Pokedex.

This is also a nice little thingie, a t-shirt with my all favorite psychotic girl of my dreams:

And here is a grab of the many things I obtained, I didn`t make pictures of everything, but it was a fantastic evening yesterday.

Thanks again to everyone!

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