maandag 24 juli 2017

Okay okay... Slaanesh in Age of Sigmar it is...

I wasn`t planning on it, seriously.

I wanted to keep with my restoration works on my Empire, Wood Elves and Dark Elves to field an Order force for the occasional AoS game.

Like the big battle in a few weeks.

But then I saw the Sigvald character (he wasn`t around when I went into hibernation), and found my Lord on steed back.

I wanted Sigvald actually for an Empire hero, but then I brought along that Naga character last week.  I was looking the day after on a Facebook group, and found these for a measly 15 euro, still sealed.

I was hooked, and I had already "just in case" drawn up a Slaaneshi army for Age of Sigmar, build around demons mostly.  Because they can be used both in 40k as AoS anyways, add a few characters and hoppa, instant fantasy force.

Well, that was the plan initially, but as I said, those classic metal Marauder Horseman have pulled me over the brink and into the tender care of the daemonettes.  I have given in, I will be building up something I wanted to do years ago but never gotten round to. 

I`m going to build a decent Slaanesh force of maximum 4.000 points for Age of Sigmar, and it`ll be my main "to paint" target come 2018.  I`ll probably start it already with the AHPC if I get in. 

The flesh is weak, but the pleasure is strong!

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