zaterdag 22 juli 2017


The seventh movie in the Rocky franchise, and the first good one in years for sure.

This movie is a sort of "handing over the torch" story, and has some great character arcs and outcome.

Adonis Johnson is the illegimate son of the late Apollo Creed, Rocky's opponent from the very first movie from 1986.  He spend most of his youth in juvie, until he moves in with Apollo's widow.
He is also an amateur boxer that battles mostly in an underground mexican circuit, but he seeks out Balboa and convinces him to train him.  This leads to a fight against a star pupil in the gym, and when he beats him, the secret gets leaked that he is a Creed.

On the other side of the atlantic, the ruling champion faces a prison sentence and looks for a glorious battle before he might be put away.  He wants to fight Adonis, a no-body in the boxing world, on the condition that he fights with the name Creed, as legendary status is attached to that name...

This was a great movie, facing on the one hand the personal struggle of Adonis against the name of his biological father, and on the other hand Rocky who is haunted by the past due to Adonis showing up.

Recommended for all that loved the original films, and the return of the epic tune is fantastic.

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